About me

You’ve reached this page, so let me tell you about myself.

I’m an entrepreneur and growth marketer who loves helping companies grow.

At the moment, I lead a small team inside a larger company transforming its traditional business-to-business product into a digital business-to-consumer product. We've grown 8x in the past 2 years, and continue growing.

A few years ago, I led marketing and growth for an online two-sided marketplace (think airbnb but for furniture; also a Y Combinator alumni) in New York City.

Prior to that experience, I co-founded an e-commerce platform that grew more than 100%, year on year in revenue, and was used by thousands of customers.

I enjoy creating value through online products and services. Personally, I’m into traveling (40 countries and counting), surfing, reading, and writing.



Valle de la Luna, Atacama Desert, Chile
Valle de la Luna, Atacama Desert, Chile