Every time I get the chance to ride a train somewhere instead of flying or using a car, I take it. It’s usually the best way to see a country, both its good and bad parts. Riding to Jakarta from Yogyakarta, in the south, was very eye-opening. We went through beautiful rice fields, and passed by huge volcanos, but also got to see very poor villages. Just a few kilometers outside of Jakarta one can see the impact of hyper-growth cities with unplanned urbanization. Sadly, this could lead (or is leading) to profound social instability. It also imposes a risk on critical infrastructure, could create potential water crises and be the catalyst to the spread of diseases. I saw children swimming in totally polluted rivers, men and women searching for recyclables in “landfills”, and simply extreme inequality in a country that was ruled by corruption and nepotism for many decades. (at Jakarta, Indonesia)