I started my 30-day "creative block" of waking up at 6AM every morning (weekends included) to work on creative stuff. I might write, read, code or work on a side project. But I'll always try to write for at least 5 minutes.

I spent 6 months traveling solo around Southeast Asia. I still have many stories to tell. But a common topic I encounter discussing with my friends is about finding bliss in life. Something that I had to go far away to learn.

During those 6 months, I encountered different moments. Moments of sorrow, moments of happiness, moments of joy, moments of total bliss, and moments of total fear. My goal was to put myself in different situations in order to challenge myself, find peace in the most difficult of situations, and learn how to deal with them.

Many don't understand this idea. But the life philosophy I've developed over the years has been about always improving my "self". It's easy to get carried away in this world. What we do and how we behave are almost easy to project. You can chart almost everyone's path accurately by looking at someone's past, as if a real Rehoboam existed and is forcing the world around us.

That's when serious change needs to happen. We should be able to break out and do things that matter or that are interesting to us; those that perhaps aren't considered normal. Leaving everything behind in New York City at 27 years old without any future plans sounded intimidating and crazy. Things like – "Why would you do that?", "Are you ok? That's not normal.", "You're doing so well, what got into you." – made me realize I was either crazy or doing the right thing. I am an optimist, so I decided I was doing the right thing. I chose.

I always had the urge to do something like that and explore the world, alone. At 27 years old it was when I finally found the power to do it. It took some time to build myself up, but now I know my formula. It took me 27 years to find my formula.

Now, anything I want to do, I achieve.

If you want to find bliss in your life, learn to ignore the noise and listen to your inner voice. Unfollow the masses. Chart your own way of thinking and pursue it. Decide for yourself.

That's how I learned to find continuous bliss in my life.

Day 20