Why writing is important

Knowing how to write is now more important than ever.

People working remote require the ability to communicate effectively. Of course, Zoom and video calls have gained popularity, and it’s now the default medium to engage whenever an idea is hard to convey through text, but let's be honest – meetings can be counter-productive to your workflow.

Meetings are exhausting, time-consuming, and are a symptom of processes and workflows that aren't clear.

Writing down processes, setting up expectations and establishing goals through writing might be the single-most important thing people need to do or learn right now.

Here are some examples of how words may fit into your profession:

If you’re a programmer, your words build products.

If you’re a marketer, your words sell something.

If you’re in operations, your words communicate a process.

If you’re an accountant, your words communicate accuracy.

If you’re in finance, your words explain the time value of money.

If you’re a scientist, your words can prove or invalidate an experiment.

If you’re a journalist, your words tell a story.

If you’re an author, your words create a story.

If you’re a customer support agent, your words bring comfort.

If you’re a CEO, your words guide your team.

And many more.

Our responsibility to the world is to be a more effective communicator.